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Ethics Over Breakfast 03-31-2017

"It's usually after the scandal that people recognize how important ethics are" was how Darren Hill began his presentation at Ethics Over Breakfast. But to all present, ethics is not something we should only hear about on the radio or the news, it is something we should be actively living and discussing. Hill reminded us that values and accountability are important in corporations and should be pushed from top leadership all the way down. Hill shared Lockheed Martins code of conduct:

  • do what's right
  • respect others
  • perform with excellence

The room was a buzz with comments and conversation as Hill brought to mind real life ethical scenarios. One of Hill's comments summed up how attendees could positively move forward. He said, "How do you want to be remembered?"

For those who attended, it was a morning well spent. The Fort Worth Chapter thanks UTA for their continued support in collaborative hosting of Ethics Over Breakfast. Join us next quarter for our Ethics Over Breakfast on UTA Campus.


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